Teleprompter Premium

Prepare your script...
...then present like a pro!

Turn your iPad
or iPhone into a Teleprompter

You can be like Emma, she uses Teleprompter Premium on her iPad to present professionally to the camera when she's recording on location.

128,234 smart people* already use Teleprompter Premium every day to improve their productions.

The best Teleprompter app
for video production

Teleprompter Premium was born specifically for professional video production. Import, edit and manage all of your scripts quickly, then use Mirror Mode to reflect your script through a professional beam-splitter rig.

Teleprompter Premium also lets you customise hundreds of options including font, text size, text color, background color, scroll speed and much more. Hundreds of customers are now using Teleprompter Premium instead of expensive specialist hardware.

Record video on your device

Turn your iPad or iPhone into a mobile studio by using the front-facing camera to record video while you read your script.

Video recordings are available instantly in your Photos app, ready for editing and sharing with your audience.

Deliver that speech like a pro

Speaking at your brother's wedding in a month? What about that important presentation you have next week? Nervous about forgetting your speech?

Use Teleprompter Premium so that you don't have to memorise that important speech, or carry that scribbled piece of paper.

Type your speech, set your iPad or iPhone in front of you and let it scroll through your speech.

Never forget your script
while you're on-the-air

We know it's tough to keep your show rolling smoothly and stay on time. Teleprompter Premium is the perfect tool for presenting your radio show or podcast... Import your scripts and notes and scroll through them as your show goes on.

If you're part of a production team, you can share the same ClourPrompter account on multiple devices so that any last-minute script edits or extra notes are automatically synchronised to everybody's device.

Your changes and edits update on all of your devices automatically.

With CloudPrompter, all of your scripts and settings are automatically synchronised across all of your devices. This means that if you're using more than one device, or if you're updating to a newer device, you can simply sign-in to your CloudPrompter account and all of your scripts and settings are ready instantly.

Teleprompter Premium works with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS 8 or later.

You're in good company

Teleprompter Premium is the gold standard for teleprompter apps, and has been a key part of successful productions for fortune 500 companies, agencies, universities, high-flying startups, independent YouTubers, bloggers & more.

Teleprompter Premium is also used by popular television, radio and media personalities from around the world including Katie Krause, Louisa Bojesen, Laura James and Liz Summers.

See why
128,234 people*
love using
Teleprompter Premium every day...

How much does it cost?

It's completely free to use Teleprompter Premium and all of its basic features. If you need the full suite of professional features like Mirror Mode, Bluetooth control, video recording and more, you can purchase Teleprompter Premium:

Free forever for all basic features
$9.99 for Teleprompter Premium

Free basic features
Free for everyone
  • Create & manage multiple scripts
  • Customise settings and scroll speed
  • Sync devices with CloudPrompter
  • Rearrange scripts by title or date
  • Font size control
  • 'Tap to scroll' feature
  • Rename & delete scripts
  • Portrait & landscape support
  • Supports larger iPads and iPhones
Teleprompter Premium
In addition to basic features
  • Import .doc, .rtf, .txt and .ppt files
  • Unlimited script storage
  • Mirror Mode
  • Bluetooth control
  • Keyboard control
  • Control scrolling from Apple Watch
  • Video Recordingin-app purchase required
  • Timed Scrolling
  • Custom background colors
  • Custom fonts
  • Text color & highlighting

Teleprompter Premium works with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS 8 or later.