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Everything you need to remember your scripts

Import, manage, edit, highlight, and prompt. All in Teleprompter.

Rock-solid and stable

You don't have to worry about crashes or errors. Teleprompter is built and tested to perform reliably.

Work any-way-up

Use Teleprompter in any setup you need, with new added support for both landscape and portrait orientations.

Make adjustments on-the-fly

Use the built-in script editor to make last-minute or mid-shoot adjustments to any of your scripts.

Bluetooth & WiFi Control

Connect and control up to 8 devices at once wirelessly.

Requires Teleprompter Premium

Connect up to 8 devices

Connect up to 8 nearby devices via Bluetooth and WiFi, including iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Control from any device

Once your devices are connect, any connected device will control all other connected devices.

Coming April 24th

Control from Apple Watch

Use your Apple Watch to remotely control Teleprompter including scroll speed, text size, pause and scroll remotely from your wrist.

Built for professional performance with simple operation

A suite of professional-grade tools built-in to Teleprompter.

Mirror Mode

Use Teleprompter in your professional teleprompter rig with Mirror mode. Requires Teleprompter Premium

Bluetooth® wireless control

Connect your Bluetooth® keyboard to control scrolling and speed wirelessly. Requires Teleprompter Premium

Dropbox® import

Import your .txt scripts from your Dropbox account in seconds. Requires Teleprompter Premium

Loved by professionals around the world

Users around the world love Teleprompter for their videos, music and teaching.

“Teleprompter really helps the talent stay on message... Very useful addition to my kitbag.”
“We found Teleprompter and it works great for our student anchors!”
Sue Rasmussen, Middle school teacher
“Great app does everything I need for the job. Highly recommend.”
Steve wickett
“I've used other prompter apps in the past, but Teleprompter is the best.”
Martin Fox,
“Giving a speech has never been this easy. Write or download the text into the app, highlight some passages, adapt the speed and you're up and running. Best buy!”
“Simple, complete and flawlessly efficient product.”
Norton Cooper
“I prefer to have a quick and simple setup without intimidating people with a lot of technology. Teleprompter really helps with that.”
Andreas Kruse
“Works perfectly! I saved my documents in word under a txt file, copied them to Dropbox and no problems uploading to Teleprompter. ”

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